Exhibitions and Events


 Future Events: 

March - Ladies Lunch, Sula and Adam cook

April - A.F.L Gather Round 4th - 7th, Robe, and Karatta Wines will have many events and offers for those travelling regionally during AFL Gather Round. Offer TBC

- Sarah Laurie Exhibition, TBC


General Days/Events

- First weekend of each month Cafe Karatta in full swing. Sula and Adam cook up a storm of international flavour

- Third THURSDAY of each month 'Ladies Drinks' are hosted at the Wine Room. This is an opportunity to meet locals and have a great afternoon. The idea is that a local lady will bring a friend. 4:30-7pm All welcome

- Last Weekend a Local Club will offer food from our new lawn area. These clubs will vary each month. A local fundraiser.